How To Stay Safe In FetLife?

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FetLife is a kinky website and therefore, you need to take care of yourself in this website. Today, we will tell you how you can stay safe in FetLife.

1. How to block a member?

If you want to block someone, go the profile of the person. On the upper right side of the section, you will see the option of “block user”. Click on that option . You will be asked to whether you are sure that you want to block the person. Click on yes to block the person finally.

2. What does a block do?

When you block a member in FetLife, they will not be able to have a look at your profile. All your private message along with that person will go to achieve. Apart from that wall posts and the relationship status will get deleted too. However, both of you will still be able to see the comments of each other in other people’s group and wall. It’s just you guys won’t be able to have a direct contact.

3. How can you check who you have blocked?

For checking the list of the people whom you have blocked, you can go to “Update Settings”  and then in the drop down menu, you need to click on the “Blocked List”. You can view the block list in this option.

4. How to unblock someone?

For unblocking someone, simply go to the blocked list and then click on “Unblock”.

5. What can you do if someone is following you everywhere in FetLife?

If you have blocked someone in FetLife and they are still following you everywhere in FetLife, then you can a restraining order from FetLife. Once you have applied for restraining order, FetLife will take to ensure that you are safe in the site. A restraining order can also result into blocking of the other person if they fail to comply by the rules.

6. What is time-out?

When you have been sufficiently warranty, one may get a time out. During the time out session, FetLife gives the member a chance to have a look at their actions. During the time-out period, the user will not be able to log in to their account.

7. What’s a FetLife Ban?

After given restraining orders, warning and time-out, a member continues to violate the policies of FetLife, the account will be banned. However, this ban is for a certain period. However, if the user tries to violate the policies even at that time, their account will be permanently banned.

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