How to Use FetLife?

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Today, we will talk about how you can use FetLife in terms of pictures, videos and writing. After you have created your profile and provided all the vital information, the next thing that you need to is have a profile picture. So, let’s start our discussion with this very topic.

1. How to upload a profile picture in FetLife?

In the navigation bar of FetLife, click on “Upload Picture”. Now click on “Choose File” and hen select the picture that you want to upload as the profile picture” You have the option of adding a caption to the picture. Once you are done, click on “Upload Picture” and wait for few seconds to see the change in the profile picture. You can change your profile picture from public to friends only. However, you do not get this option when you are selecting an avatar instead of a proper picture.

2. How to keep your pictures, videos and writings private in FetLife?

By default, all the pictures, videos and writings that you upload on FetLife is available for the public too. If you want to keep the pictures, videos and writing private, you can do that from the Privacy Settings. Go to the Privacy Setting and then in the privacy section, select the privacy to “Just Friends”.

3. What pictures formats are supported by FetLife?

FetLife supports the following picture format: jpg, jpeg, gif, png and pjpeg. The site also supports his but not the animated ones.

4. How to edit a caption that has already been uploaded?

Editing aa caption is very easy. Go to the picture or video of which you want to edit the caption and then navigate to the current caption. Click on “Edit” and then type the new caption.

5. How to delete an uploaded picture or video?

Navigate to the particular picture or video that you want to delete. Then click on the side of the page and then select “delete”.

6. How to edit or delete your writing?

You can edit or delete your writing with simple steps. Navigate to your writing and then click on the right side of the page. You will see the edit option there, click on that to edit your writing. You will also come across the delete option there and you can use it for deleting your writing.

7. Can you delete the comments that you have made?

FetLife doesn’t allow you to delete the comments that you have made on someone else’s picture, writing, wall, status or video. However, if you want to desperately delete any particular comment, feel free to contact the owner and then you can request them to delete it.

8. Is the metadata of your pictures safe?

When you upload any particular picture on FetLife, the website removes the metadata from the picture automatically to keep you safe.

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