How To Setup Your FetLife Account?

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If you are new to FetLife, we are here to help you with the basic of setting up your FetLife account.

1. How to change your nickname?

You can change your nickname on FetLife after every 28 days. For changing your nickna,e, click on the hamburger menu present in the navigation bar. Then click on “Update Settings” and then navigate to the account tab. Click on the “Change” tab present beside your nickname and enter the new nickname that you want.

2. How to delete your FetLife account or profile?

In the navigation bar, click on the hamburger menu. Then navigate to “Update Settings”. On the right side, you will see the option of “Deactivate/Delete Account”, select “Delete” and enter your password. Your account will then join the delete queue. This simply means, if y any chance you change your mind, you will have the option of reviving your account within seven days, else it will be deleted.

3. How to add intro text on the profile?

You can let people know about yourself from the profile section. To add text on your profile, go the navigation bar and click on the con with three horizontal lines. Then click on “Edit Profile” and then click on the title that says “About You”. You now need to start typing on this section. Once you are done typing, click on “Update”.

4. What’s the fix for not telling people where you live?

It’s not recommend that you choose the specific location. You can always choose any general location. If you really do not want to tell the people about your location, just feel free to select your location as “Antarctica”.

5. Can you create multiple accounts on FetLife?

Yes, you can create multiple accounts on FetLife. You can change your basic information to make yourself comfortable. However, while creating a multiple account, you need to know that it is not a way of creating a new account when your previous account has already been banned. Also, FetLife doesn’t support an account where you impost other as a real person.

6. How can you make a secondary profile?

You can create a secondary profile on FetLife, the way you have created your primary account. Your new secondary account of FetLife will need a unique email address, nickname and phone number.

7. How to change your email address on FetLife?

Click on the icon with the horizontal lines on the navigation bar. Then click on “Update Settings” and then across the email address, change your email address and then click on “Update”.

These tips will surely help you through the first few walks on FetLife.

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