How To Use FetLife Mail?

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In this post, we will talk about how you can use FetLife mail. FetLife provides plenty of their services through their mails and therefore, you should know the basics.

1. Why you cannot send any more messages?

If you are a newbie who has joined FetLife and you are all excited to use it and you end up sending plenty of friend requests, messages and comments to the people who are not even in your list, you will get a time-out. However, the good thing is that the time-out session will be for few hours and after that everything will work like regular stuff.

2. How to delete or archive a message?

If your mail box is filled with tons of messages, you can simply delete or archive them. Open the message that you want to delete by sampling clicking on the subject of the message. Now scroll down to the bottom section of the message. You will now see two options which are “Archieve Conversation” and “Delete”. Archiving message will save the messages but it won’t appear in the primary box and if you want to delete the message, just confirm that you want to delete it and the message will be gone.

3. Where can you find all the messages that you have sent or archived?

You will be able to see all the messages that you have sent or archived in the inbox page under the “All Mail” section. This option will show all the messages that you have sent or archived.

We hope that the small issues or questions that you have regarding FetLife mail has been addressed here.

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