How To Fix FetLife Login Issues?

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If you are new to FetLife and you are facing some sort of issues with the login, then we are here to help you with all your login issues.

1. How to change your FetLife password?

If you are logged in to your FetLife account, it will be easier for you change your password. Just go to the Settings section and then click on the hamburger menu which is present in the navigation bar. Now click on “Update Settings” and then click on “Change” option which is present next to the password option.

2. What can you do if you have forgotten your password?

For retrieving your forgotten password, go to the retrieve login information form and then submit the email address which is linked with your account. Once you do that, you will get the instructions for resetting the password.

3. What is a good password for FetLife?

Make sure that you do not put any regular phase as your password. You can choose an irregular word or phrase that only make sense to you as a password and do not forget to include numbers and special characters to make the password really strong.

4. What to do if the page refreshes after you have entered your information?

If your page refreshes as if nothing new has been added after you have actually added information, then there is a problem with the cookies. You need to allow or enable cookies and also turn off any browser plugin or extension that you think is messing up with the cookies.

5. You keep getting an error no matter what

If you are 100 percent sure that you have entered the correct name and password and still you are getting a message that either the name or the password is wrong, then you need to ensure that the javascript is enabled. Enable the javascript and disable any plugins or extensions that you think is messing up with the javascript.

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