How To Participate in FetLife Groups?

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FetLife has numerous groups and you can use these groups for engaging with other people. In this post, we will discuss all about groups of FetLife.

1. How to change the name of the group?

If you are an owner of a group, you have the power to change the name of the group. For changing the name of the group, you need to send a mail to and in the email, you need to provide the following information: link of the group, current name of the group and the new name that you want.

2. How to join or leave a group?

Once you have found a group that you are interested in and you want to join, click on the “Join Group” link which is present right below the name of the group. Once you click on that link, you will be provided with the information about the description of the group, the rules and restriction. If you think the rules and regulations fit for you, then click on “Join this Group” tab. If you think, the group is no longer suitable for you, you can simply click on “Leave Group”. This option is again available under the name of the group.

3. How to delete a discussion that you started in a group?

If you have initiated a discussion in the group and you feel that you do not want that discussion in the group and wants to get it deleted, then you will have to contact one of the leaders of the group. The group leader will take the final call.

4. How to follow a thread?

When you start a new discussion or comment on any discussion, you have already started a thread. The threads that you are following will be listed in the page of the group. To start following a group, click on “start following” and if you want to leave the thread, you can click on “stop following”.

5. How to create your own group?

You can create your very group by clicking on “Create new group” on the home page of the group.

6. How to add and remove group leaders?

If you are the owner of a group, tap on the “Members” tab. And now search for the person that you want to make the leader of the group. Once you find the person, tap on “moderate v” button. You will now come across a drop down menu and you now have the option of adding a group leader.

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