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FetLifeFetlife is like Facebook for Kinky people. A networking platform for people who love BDSM, kink, and strange fetish. FetLife is a one of a kind platform because it allows its user base on the number of kinky people out there. Started in 2008 by John Kopanas, Fetlife now in 2019 has more than plus 7 million users in its platform.

Features of FetLife v3.2.0

let us read the features of FetLife
The website is a must go for sex lovers who want to go a step ahead, sexually of course. The site handles its users as any other social networking website. Below are some of the key features the site provides.
 The site offers its members to post whatever they like; members can also have allowed creating Real-time Event which they can host.
 Every member has to complete their personal profile to begin using the website.
 To start chatting, it’s not recommended for any member to be in his/her friend list. Anyone can start talking just you have to be registered onto the website
 Much like other social media platforms users are given the choice to report anything which is inappropriate or offensive or even criminal activities. Making the site a safe zone for newcomers.

How to Download FetLife v3.2.0?

To access FetLife all you need is a Mobile or PC or Tablets having internet accessibility. However, for people who want to open the website whenever they want, a mobile app is also available for them to download. Well, this app is not found in any mobile application store so users must go on to the official website and download the app. Just click on the link here and u can access all the kinkiness you want.

Download FetLife

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