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FetLifeFounded by John Kopanas, Fetlife is a social networking website that serves people interested in BDSM, fetishism and kink. Fetlife distinguishes itself from other sites be describing itself as a social networking site rather than a dating site. The website requires compulsory registration since it is an adult social networking site for citizens above 18years of age.

Features of FetLife v3.1.6

  • Every new member of FetLife is by default added to a new group Fetlife announcements that have over 6 million users.
  • Members can indicate that they are friends with another member. Thereafter, they are updated about that person’s activities including the groups that they join and the pictures or stuff that they post. However, the proposed friends should accept the request.
  • There is a separate directory of fetishes which a member may indicate their interest in. Any member is allowed to create a new fetish.
  • Members can also indicate that they are in one or more relationships. A separate menu allows member to specify whether they are in a dominant or submissive relationship.
  • Members can exchange private messages with any other member.
  • The software allows posting photos, videos, journal entries, erotica and other things. The membership is free. However, videos can be viewed only by the financial supporters.
  • Any member can like or comment on other member’s post or photograph. The comments once posted cannot be deleted or edited.
  • The search feature is limited to prevent members from finding people of some specific age or gender.

How to download FetLife v3.1.6?

Fetlife can be downloaded using the given link-

Download FetLife

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