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FetLifeFetlife is a social networking site that serves people interested in BDSM, fetishism, and kink. Unlike Facebook, this is a similar app but is run by kinksters. It calls itself a social media app rather than calling itself a dating app. You will be able to find women or men with the same desires as yours.

Features of FetLife v3.1.4

Below are the features of this app:

  • Any member is free to create groups with anyone in FetLife.
  • There are groups who answers to all the thematic questions asked in the application.
  • There is a separate directory of fetishes where any member can show their interests and also can create fetish.
  • Any member is free to post an event in the page, with date, time, location or any other information necessary for the event. Users can also response about their presence in the event.
  • All members have their personal profile, but multiple profile of single user is not allowed.
  • Members can also indicate with whom they are friends with and also will receive notification about their friend’s activities.
  • Users can also indicate about how many relationships they are into.
  • Members can exchange texts which will lead to more connectivity.
  • Members can also post writings, photographs or videos on their profile, and users can comment on each other’s post and those comments are public and cannot be deleted once posted.
  • The search feature is also limited to prevent members from searching users through age, characteristics, gender etc.

How to download FetLife v3.1.4?

People interested in this application can download the app through the link provided below!

Download FetLife

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