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FetLifeSo, let us talk about Fetlife! What Fetlife actually is? Fetlife is a social networking site, which is used by the people interested in BDSM, kink, etc. This website is run by kinksters and they call themselves a social networking site rather calling itself a dating app. It is an application where usually you can find men or women with same sexual desires.

Features of FetLife v3.1.3

These below are the features of FetLife:

  • The user can create groups with other members in this app.
  • Members can report illegal content, if found in the app and this action will be encouraged.
  • The feature of the search button is limited, that is you cannot find users with specific character, gender or age also you cannot search the writings posted in the app from the search bar.
  • You can comment in anyone’s post if you like. Comments are public, that is anyone can see what you have commented also it cannot be undone once you have commented.
  • Any member can post pictures, videos, writings, etc.
  • You can also chat with whoever you like to talk with.
  • If you are friend with somebody you can go through their activities, which means you will be able to see which post they liked and in which post they left comments, etc.
  • Any member can post events in the app with dates, times, dress codes, etc. Also, people may indicate whether they will attend the event or not on the page.
  • You can also block those people who you do not want to talk to or you feel is not good for you.

How to download FetLife v3.1.3?

So download the app with the given link below!

Download FetLife

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