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FetLifeUnlike other social media Fetlife is a social media where you can meet new people and chat with them! Not only chat but can also hangout with them. So let us now talk about this social media. As homosexuals are accepted in almost every country this is the social networking site where they would be able to meet others via online! Unlike Facebook and other social media applications this app also provides same features but is run by kinksters. It is more like a dating app but it does not accept itself as a dating app rather it calls itself just a social networking site.

Features of FetLife v3.1.2

Following are the features of this app:

  • Any member is free to create a group devoted to whoever fetish they choose to.
  • There are groups which are there to answer all the thematic questions asked in the site.
  • Groups already existed can be searched through words in the title of the group.
  • Also, there is a separate directory of fetishes in which a member can indicate their interests.
  • Any member is free to post any event with the date, location, dress code, and similar other information.
  • Users can also Confirm their presence in the user’s event’s page.
  • All members have their personal profile.
  • All profiles are by default visible to all members, although any member can block another.
  • Members can also indicate that they are friend’s with other members and can also look into their activities.
  • Members can chat, post pictures, videos, writings, etc in the FetLife app.

How to download FetLife v3.1.2?

To know more just download the app from the given link below!

Download FetLife

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