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FetLifePeople in today’s day and age are open and comfortable about their sexuality. This has led to the creation of several dating sites. One of such out of the box platforms that enable
people to connect with like-minded people is FetLife. This website serves to connect people interested in BDSM, fetishism, and use of unconventional objects for sexual gratification, or kink. FetLife claims to be a platform for social networking, rather than a dating website. It is free of cost and requires the user to create a registered account, which is verified. It was developed and released in the year 2008 and has its headquarters in Canada and Britain. It was created by John Kopanas. It is strictly an adults only platform and has over 9 million registered accounts.

Features of FetLife v3.0.5

1. The app allows the user to create a personal profile according to their preferences.
2. Each new user is added to a group called FetLife announcements.
3. Users can enter and create groups as per their sexual preferences. The groups have various themes, such as ask a
dominant, or ask a mistress.
4. The application consists of various fetishes, which are either added to a user’s profile, or used as a theme by a user.
5. The site provides users with 12 different choices for sexual orientation and has an extra, not applicable option. There are over 60 role choices.
6. The user’s fetishes and the groups the user is a part of, are displayed on the profile.
7. All of this enables the user to connect with people having similar desires.

How to download the FetLife v3.0.5?

To download, click below-

Download FetLife

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