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FetLifeNo wonder what human minds can think of. Whether it is related to any sexual behavior or to
any distinctive desire over any inanimate entity. Well, there is a perfect solution for connecting people with such similar mindsets. It is the FetLife application. It is a social networking site that serves as a bridge among people who have a scrutiny over BDSM, fetishism or kink. It was founded by John Kopanas in the year 2008. FetLife provides a wide platform for adults to outline their inner and deep feelings for others. It is mostly operated by kinksters all over the world.

Features of FetLife v2.9.5

Here are some noticeable features about FetLife:

1. All the members of this app get to create a personal profile with multiple choices.
2. It is very user-friendly and easy to communicate.
3. Members can also exchange private messages and express their desires and fetishes.
4. Posting of photographs, write-ups, videos is allowed only in consensus with the user.
5. It holds an excellent property of its search feature as it is limited, to prevent any misuse and
6. Once your account is created, you will get to see various options like Explore, Places, Groups and Events.
7. By clicking on Explore, you’ll be able to see about the happenings around the world.
8. Group tab provides you with a variety of groups having similar interest like yours.
9. In order to find about the occurrences of your locality, Places icon serves you well.
10. Lastly, the major used tabs is the Events. It provides you information of various occasions
occurring according to your interest.

How to download FetLife v2.9.5?

To download the FetLife app, click on the given button.

Download FetLife

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