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FetLifeFetLife is a social networking website for those interested in BDSM, fetish, and kink. It is described as “Like Facebook, but run by kinksters like you and me.” It claims to be a social networking website instead of a dating site. It was created by John Kopanas, a software engineer who is also known as John Baku and launched in January 2008. Its headquarters lies in Vancouver, Canada. It claims to have over 8 million accounts.

Features of FetLife v2.9.3

Some of its features include:

• New members are enrolled in group ‘FetLife Announcements’ by default.
• Groups are devoted to answering questions like ‘Ask a submissive’, ‘Ask a Dominant’ etc., which can be searched by using the words in the group title.
• There is a directory of fetishes in which a member may be interested in.
• Members can create new fetishes.
• There are personal profiles of all members. A member can create multiple profiles but creating profiles for deception is against the policy of the website.
• Members can chat privately with others.
• All members can post notes, journal entries, photos, and videos. However, videos can only be viewed by financial support.
• Members can comment on other members’ photos and videos which cannot be deleted or edited once posted.
• The search feature is limited to prevent the members from searching others with specific age and gender.
• Members can be friends with other members and can view each other’s activities.
• Members can post events with date, location, dress code, and other information. The location of the event can only be viewed by the event owner’s permission.

How to download FetLife v2.9.3?

FetLife can be downloaded from the given button-

Download FetLife

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