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FetLifeSpecially designed for the BDSM, Kinky and Fetish Community, Fetlife is a boon in the lives of many. Fetlife is a social networking website that deals with similar minded people who have common interests, tastes and preferences. Cutting off all the stereotypes, FetLife introduces itself away from the dating sites and showcases itself as an understanding platform for desires and dreams unfulfilled, as a social networking website. Available in English, this website has a number of features that has made it so popular and loved by people. Fetlife started almost 10 years ago has gained enough momentum with a number of active members.

Features of FetLife v2.6.3

The following are the features of the FetLife app-

1. The initial stage of entering the website includes a basic registration process wherein in the user is supposed to enter detail about him or herself and mention about their affiliation.
2. Initially, any member could create a personal group on the app on the simple basis of the website that they chose and what their desires wish.
3. The app is safe as it automatically deletes folders and groups with the mentions of words such as those of needles, rape, incest, blood etc.
4. Having over six million members the announcements has a lot of different people that it is addressed to.
5. There are groups that are based on answering thematic questions such as “Ask a Stripper” “Ask a Mistress” etc.

How to download FetLife v2.6.3?

This website can be accessed by clicking on the link given below-

Download FetLife

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