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FetLifeThe Adult Social Networking site, Fetlife will cater to all your needs on information regarding BDSM, fetishism and kink. Fetlife is an initiative to bring together people with the same sexual desires and fetishes together on one platform. With more than 30 million photos shared, Fetlife aims at satisfying the needs of all those who have been wanting to fulfill their desires by sharing the same views and a platform through the internet to showcase their favorite images and to come together with different ideologies.

Features of FetLife v2.5.7

The FetLife app has the following features-

1. Fetlife contains within itself, various groups that all refer to a particular fetish or interest and the user can type in the search box to find the best option.
2. The members of the website have the opportunity to write a date, time, dress or event in the website and mark the same so that people can find it easily.
3. The website provides about 12 gender selections and about 40 roles which bring about a sense of belonging Ness amongst the people.
4. The members of the website can create their own profile with their own content and hence find people with same interests and desires.
5. The website servers also block information that is violating basic norms as to create a safe environment as much as it can be made so.
6. By marking friends on the website, the individual can be updated on his / her friend’s activity.

How to download FetLife v2.5.7?

This website opens up to various types of choices and options for those who want to get kinky. Here is the link –

Download FetLife

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