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FetLifeA free kinky social club. Yes, it’s true! Dreams and desires aren’t locked up in the cupboards anymore. With FetLife, all the fetishes, desires and kinkiness comes out in front of like-minded people. And who knows, one might meet people with same fetishes online! Fetlife is an online meeting application that provides chat rooms, wherein the members can make clubs to showcase their fetishes and hence get like minded people clubbed together. It is an amazing platform for people to open up and be straightforward about their likes and dislikes.

Features of FetLife v2.5.6

The features of the app are as follows-

1. The application understands sexual loneliness due to lack of sexual compatibility and hence aims to curb this by bringing out the innermost desires of the members.
2. FetLife serves many forms, be it kink, BDSM, or fetishism which is basically social networking rather than dating, or being such a like-minded app.
3. The members of the group are connected by Fetlife announcements that keep the members updated about the happenings around them.
4. There is a group search bar on the website that lets the user search for the particular group , or small community , he or she wants to be a part of, the groups can be based on different styles of fetishes , or a few names as “ Ask a Mistress” , “Ask a Submissive” etc.
5. All the members of the Fetlife community have a personal profile that they maintain. It has many question, one of them being sexual orientation.

How to download FetLife v2.5.6?

For all those whose wishes are left unfulfilled, this is the perfect app to go to. Here is the link for download.

Download FetLife

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