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FetLifeA social networking site for the people who are interested in BDSM, fetishism, and kink is
FetLife. It is run by Kinksters. It emphasizes itself as social network than a dating site. It was
launched by John Kopanas in January 2008. James Golick served as the chief technology
officer for this.

Features of FetLife v2.0.0

FetLife shut down the facility to create groups temporarily in January 2017. But In the past, any member could create the group.
 A directory of fetishes exits in which a member can express his or her interest. Any member create a new fetish.
 Members in this can exchange messages with all the other members. They can even post their writings, pictures and videos and they may even post comments on other’s posts.
 Every member will have a personal profile. Age and location must be posted but honesty is not required. Block option is available to block any member. By default all profiles are visible to all members.
 By default new members are added to the group Fetlife Announcements. It has over six million members.
 Date, location, dress code, cost and other information related to any event can be posted by any member. Location is concealed and revealed by event owner to participants. User can announce that they will attend or might attend.
 Members can report about illegal content as well as terms of use violations to the administrators.
 Search feature is limited which will prevent users from finding people with specific characteristics like age, gender etc.

How to Download FetLife?

Find the people who interests you and Stay connected. Download this by clicking on the link provided.

Download FetLife

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