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FetLifeWe often judge people because of their sexuality, however, there is no point of judging if they are not straight. But believe it or not, it is hard for a bisexual person to live in this society and confront their love publicly. However, to make their work easy, there is an app called FetLife which mainly serves to BDMS category and do not differentiate between people. The app will let you find your true love or a friend to be with you and talk to you. Since it serves BDMS, it does not mean that straight people will not get any companion in this app. Even if you are straight, you will get your partner here. The app has so many users throughout the world and you have to choose the one for you according to your compatibility. Just pick the one and chat. To know the one better, talk with them as much as you want. You can also exchange media files to each other and the app will make it safe for you. You have to sign up using your personal details on the app but there is a surety of one thing that your personal information will not get leaked. 

Features of FetLife v1.7.18

  • You can make friends in FetLife.
  • You can make a life partner too.
  • You can share your pictures with anyone you like.
  • You can also make your DP according to your choice.

How to download FetLife  v1.7.18

Click on the given button to download the app.

Download FetLife

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