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FetLifeFetlife is an application which is specifically made for all those people who love fetish life and are into BDSM. The application gives you the freedom to be yourself and talk with like-minded people. Some even consider it as a dating site while some say it’s a social networking site just that it is run by a group of kinksters. Developed in 2008, by John Kopanas, Fetlife has been praised for the features but at the same time, it was criticized too due to certain reasons. Though, the app is still used by people. Some of the features of this application are stated as follows.

Features of FetLife v1.7.16

 As the app is an adult one, the user needs to be above 18 years to make an account in Fetlife. The membership is free and only if the user wishes to post some videos or pictures, they have to pay some amount.
 The sign up process is simple and the app would ask direct questions about the user, the neighborhood which would be shown on the profile of the user, so that one can meet up a date through this app too.
 The default group adds all the members. Though the user can create a group with people of same interests.
 The app even allows the user to chat with people who are not even in the friend list.

How to download FetLife v1.7.16

You can download FetLife from the link provided below.

Download FetLife

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