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FetLifeTechnology is the new thing. Whatever we require, we turn to technology to satisfy our needs. But there are a few needs that technology in itself cannot satisfy. So we use the technology to find somebody who can. Thus came the birth of Dating apps to satisfy the need of companionship. And hence there have been several successful and unsuccessful apps that aim at making people meet and interact. But there is a niche of people who like to indulge in their fetishes and kinks. For those people, FetLife was a created. FetLife emphasizes itself as a social networking platform than one meant for dating. It is a platform where people with different fetishes and kinks, and sexual preferences can connect over their common interests.

Features of FetLife v1.6.0

Following are of few features of the platform:

  • All members joining the platform are connected and enrolled in a group called ‘FetLife announcements’, which has over 6 million members.
  • Many groups are proposed to answer theme based questions, such ‘Ask a stripper’, “Ask a mistress”, and so on. These groups can be searched on the basis of keywords from the group title.
  • The platform maintains an independent directory of fetishes, with a long lists of kinks member individuals possess. Members can also add fetishes to this directory.
  • Every member can create and personalise a profile of their own, and that is the first impression they get to have on other members.
  • Members can even create events , with information like locations, costs, dress code, etc. To protect the privacy of the creator, the location can be hidden and only made available individually by the creator.

How to Download FetLife?

The platform is a simple way of connecting with people of similar sexual preferences and has been quite the success since it’s inception. Download it from the given button.

Download FetLife

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