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FetLifePeople who are looking for an alternative to Facebook should read this post. Why? Because today, we are going to talk about one such alternative or could say a site like Facebook, Fetlife. Now, what is it about? a new venture of Mark Zuckerburg? something better than that? or even worse? Well, these are the questions you should ask yourself to judge better. We will tell you the information about the app. Basically, FetLife is an app which is like Facebook as both of them are social media websites. but using the app is different here. It has two packages available, one free and other one paid. you can use the free or paid ones and in fact, the paid one is also very inexpensive. so it will be a win-win to go for any of them. in the app, people can make their groups according to themselves and add others as well. for making the privacy, it is up to them how would they like to do it. they can either go for open one or a close one as well. there is also around 12 sexual orientation available for the users. apart from this, if you want to chat with someone on the same app, you can do that easily. How? by the feature of private messaging. Now let us look at some other features.

Features of FetLife v1.2.0

  • Easy to use.
  • free and paid versions available.
  • can be used for socializing.
  • easy to download app.

How to download FetLife v1.2.0

For downloading FetLife, click on the given button.

Download FetLife

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