Download FetLife v1.0.0

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FetLifeFetLife is an app like Facebook where people can meet each other virtually. The app has the language option of English only. You can make friends, chat, upload videos, pictures and do much more. let’s see what else you can do.

Features of FetLife v1.0.0

  • Two versions- FetLife has two versions, one is paid and another one is free. You can choose any according to your preference. However, if you go for the free one, you will be able to use the app with simple basic features. But if you go for the paid ones, you will be able to use their exclusive features only for you. The paid version is also not very expensive.
  • Personal profile- If you want, you can hide your age and location by updating something random.
  • Directory- there is also one directory available already for the members which a new one can always join.
  • Making groups- Like Facebook, the members of Fetlife can also make groups and share the information about the thing they are talking. They can make the group public and private accordingly.
  • Sexual orientation choices- there are more than 10 sexual orientation choices available in the app.
  • Personal messages- One can always use private chat to text someone without letting others know.
  • Illegal content- If you find anything illegal or something that violates the rights, you can report it.

How to download FetLife?

For downloading the app, you just need to click on the button and download the app right now.

Download FetLife

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