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FetLifeFor those who likes to explore BDSM community more, FetLife is a website which helps you to connect to BDSM community more. It is a social media platform for BDSM participants, kinksters and those who likes to live fetish life. It is a safe platform. It is a fun and safe place for kinky people.

Features of FetLife 3.5.8

  •  It is just like Facebook, sharing status and photos.
  • User needs to be 18 plus as it is a BDSM website so, you must be of legal age.
  • In different countries legal age is 16. So, it depends country wise.
  • On FetLife, you can also create writings like debates, articles, etc.
  • It allows the user to join groups on this site.
  • Premium accounts provide availability to watch one’s videos and have many more privileges.
  • Location-specific groups are also present. You can meet people more realistically because they live more nearer to you.
  •  There is also a fetish section where there is soft limit and hard limit.
  • Age grouping is also present so that you can search for partner of your age group.

How to download FetLife 3.5.8?

  • Click on the link and install.
  •  Now, Fetlife is installed.
  •  Enter username and password and upload your personal.
  • information, age, sexuality, country, etc.
  • Fetlife page will include ASL Search Interface.
  •  Now according to your interest, you can find people and enjoy.

Download FetLife

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