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FetLifeFetlife is a social networking site developed for the people who are interested in fetishism and kink which refers to unconventional sexual practices and fantasies. The fetlife networking is generally for the BDSM which is bondage, discipline, dominance, submission, sadism and masochism. The Fetlife was developed in 2008 by John Kopanas in Quebec. The networking site was developed to merge men/women who have same sexual interests. The networking site was first created with the name “FriendsWithFetishes” and was later renamed as “FetLife”. The social networking now has over 8 million users. The fetlife has faced a lot of criticism over the years and prohibited several categories of fetishes but it overcame all the critics and is running successfully. The Fetlife wants itself to be called as a social networking site rather than a dating site. The Fetlife app is only available for the android and has a desktop website for the PC.

Features of FetLife 3.5.4

  • All the members can have a personal profile of their own and can contact everyone.
  • All the members can post the events with date and time and images.
  • The members can send private messages with each other in a personal
    chat in Fetlife.
  • Members will receive the notifications about their friends activities.
  • People can comment on the posts and images of anyone in the Fetlife.
  •  The members can report the illegal content to the website owner and
    prevent cases.
  •  The membership in Fetlife is free of cost and there are no maintenance charges.
  •  The members can join in any of the groups present on the website.

How to download FetLife 3.5.4?

Click on the link given here

Download FetLife

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