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FetLifeFetLife is a social networking site somewhat similar to Instagram or Facebook. This networking site is not much in use but was developed by a software engineer in order to be socialised. This software is generally called as a social networking site rather than a dating site. Similar to Facebook this software has various features-

Features of FetLife 3.4.7

  • One can connect to his or her friend through FetLife and can have
    a permanent contact with your friend.
  • One can talk to their friends by texting.
  • One can posts photos videos.
  • With the help of posting of videos one can tell about their talent by giving it a glimpse through this site.
  • One can create groups of their friends and relatives where they can chat with one another at a particular point of time.
  • This networking site is not for kids’ .Only adults can use it.
  • Members of this site can update their profile .For example their photos their names and their relationship status and many more.
  • As in Facebook and Instagram when one posts his or her photos or videos their friends could comment on it.
  • After a comment being written one cannot delete or hide it.
  •  One can call it call it as dating site where one could know about other people very easily and can know them by talking to them.
  • FetLife is a social networking site which should be used by adults only as it is not created for kids. One can use it for their own betterment.

How to download FetLife 3.4.7?

Click here-

Download FetLife

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