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FetLifeFetlife is a social networking website which is free of cost for any user. The app is especially for the people who want a sex life with a partner. The app is originally known as a dating site but wants to be recognized as a social networking. The networking site was created by John Kopanas and was ready to use in the year 2001. The Fetlife has over 8 millions of users and are satisfying their fetish needs. The older name of the site was “Friends with Fetishes” and was later renamed to Fetlife. The Fetlife registration is free and it is the primary requirement to see the posts of other people. The Fetlife was subjected to a lot of criticism but those features are now prohibited by the owner. The app is safe to use now and has got good reviews from people all over the world.

Features of FetLife 3.2.7

1. The Fetlife has the feature of automatic enrolling all the members in the list of find people after registration.
2. It has separate directories for people interest in one or more modes of fetishes.
3. The people using the Fetish have separate profiles of them and no can hack or use the account.
4. It has the feature of indicating our friends present in the list and we can see every post of the friend.
5. It has the feature of posting the pictures, videos, the journals and sharing with others.
6. The Fetlife has the feature of commenting and anyone can comment on others posts.

How to download FetLife 3.2.7?

The Fetlife for the different operating systems can be downloaded from
the following link.

Download FetLife

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