Download FetLife 3.2.8

FetLifeFor those who likes to explore BDSM community more, FetLife is a website which helps you to connect to BDSM community more. It is a social media platform for BDSM participants, kinksters and those who likes to live fetish life. It is a safe platform. It is a fun and safe place for kinky people. Continue reading

Download FetLife 3.2.7

FetLifeFetlife is a social networking website which is free of cost for any user. The app is especially for the people who want a sex life with a partner. The app is originally known as a dating site but wants to be recognized as a social networking. The networking site was created by John Kopanas and was ready to use in the year 2001. The Fetlife has over 8 millions of users and are satisfying their fetish needs. The older name of the site was “Friends with Fetishes” and was later renamed to Fetlife. The Fetlife registration is free and it is the primary requirement to see the posts of other people. The Fetlife was subjected to a lot of criticism but those features are now prohibited by the owner. The app is safe to use now and has got good reviews from people all over the world.

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Download FetLife v3.2.6

FetLifeFetLife is a free social networking website that helps people interested in kink and fetishism. The Fetlife is actually a dating site but it shows itself as a social media network. It was launched in the year 2001 by John Kopanas. It has over 8 million accounts present. The app was previously known as Friends with Fetishes but later changed the name. The app registration is free therefore an account is to be created to view the posts on it. It faced a lot of criticism and many cases were booked against it. Many people were being assaulted sexually but now the Fetlife has prohibited many of it’s features and is safe to use now. The case can be booked against the person who blackmails you and severe action is taken against him.

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Download FetLife v3.2.5

FetLifeFetLife is a social networking site or resource for the people interested in physical fantasies. It delivers an inexpensive membership package to their users with some extra perks. It has a vast range of features that can be used through signing up with the social networking site. Users are required to get registered themselves on the website by following their terms and conditions properly. It is the world’s largest free kinky social network that helps people feel comfortable with their preferable partner on the other side of the network to get intimated. Continue reading

Download FetLife v3.2.1

FetLifePeople with bizarre fetishes usually come together online, for acceptance and enjoyment. FetLife is a social networking website which serves those interested in kinks, BDSM, and all the various types of fetishism. FetLife has often tried to distinguish them by referring to their selves as a “social network” and not a dating site. It was developed in 2008 by a software engineer in Quebec, and though the app has found itself in many controversies it still manages to be frequently used by a lot of people.

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Download FetLife v3.1.8

FetLifeFetLife is a social networking site that was launched in 2008 by a software engineer named John Kopanas. It serves people who are interested in physical fantasies. It is claimed to be one of the social networking sites rather than a dating website. But the user must follow their terms and conditions to get into it. They are required to get registered themselves on the website within the age boundary given by them.

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