How To Setup Your FetLife Account?

If you are new to FetLife, we are here to help you with the basic of setting up your FetLife account.

1. How to change your nickname?

You can change your nickname on FetLife after every 28 days. For changing your nickna,e, click on the hamburger menu present in the navigation bar. Then click on “Update Settings” and then navigate to the account tab. Click on the “Change” tab present beside your nickname and enter the new nickname that you want.

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Download FetLife 3.6.2

FetLifeThe use of social media in the world has seen a huge growth within the recent years. With more and more updates and developments, features etc the social websites like Facebook Twitter etc has attracted the users worldwide and they have introduced many more new ways to go social on the Internet. More and more people are adopting the use of social websites for personal as well as commercial purposes. But have you ever wondered about a social website for the bondage and kink fans? Yes it exists. It is FetLife which says “kinky heaven” on the site’s home page. The app claims itself as a social networking site rather than a dating app. The app includes creating groups devoted to certain thematic questions. All the members would have a personal profile and a member may have multiple affiliate profiles. The process of making friends is the same as that of Facebook with request confirmation from the proposed friend.

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Download FetLife 3.6.1

FetLifeWith the increase in the usage of internet, cyber world has been giving us n-number of new possibilities of exploring new thing which we can’t even think of 2-3 decades ago, from shopping online to playing game online, from meeting someone who is sitting on the other part of the world to teaching the students those are in different classrooms. Even in now times internet is best place to explore freely the new things in sexuality, to understand the new fantasies which are not really possible in real life. There are so many websites which are providing online dating, casual hook-ups but not really giving opportunity to meet someone with same fantasy and same desire in bed. But there one website name as FetLife which is actually providing us opportunity to find someone around the globe with the same sexual desires and fantasies. It is an adult social networking app which was discovered back in 2008 and since then it is providing the best services to the users.
The concept of FetLife is very unique type of concept and that is the reason why this website has gained so much of popularity in small period of time.

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Download FetLife 3.6.0

FetLifeFetLife is an application software which is run by kinksters. It is a great app available for homosexuals where they will be able to find people like them online. Unlike other social media apps FetLife is also a social media where you will be able to meet new people and chat, meet, hangout so that you will be able to meet the person more, it is more like a dating app but it does not accept itself as a dating app rather it calls itself just a social networking app.

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Download FetLife 3.5.9

FetLifeInternet is proving as the blessing for those who wants to full-fill their sexual fantasy in the right and legal way. There are millions of active users on internet who wants to satisfy themselves with the help of internet. To entertain this portion of audience there are n-number of websites present on the cyber world, but these websites also comes up with so many other problems. The most common problem among these websites are: not really have active users, having so many programmed bot users which are not really humans, having so many ads, and also having those fake users which always tries to con you. So, we can clearly figure it out that most of these websites are not reliable in nature, but there is one website named as Fetlife which is proving as the game changer in this field of content.

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